What You Need to Know Before Seeking Disability Employment Services (DES)

As a person with a disability, you also have a right to get a good job that can provide for your family and meet your needs. However, it is difficult to find a good job nowadays, especially if you are disabled. It can take a couple of years or even forever when looking for an opportunity.

That’s why disability employment services were introduced. The providers ensure that you have all it takes to become ready for the job before they can find you a perfect match depending on your skills. This does not mean that every DES provider out there will help you to get a good job in a short time, you also need to know some details about them. Here are a few details that should not escape your mind when recruiting a DES provider

Things to know look for in a DES provider

  • Experience

The first and the most crucial of them all is experience. Keep in mind that the longer a provider has been in service, the more knowledge they have and every other aspect of disability employment services. As you look for a provider, it would be wise to work with one who is well experienced in helping their clients find their dream jobs.

  • Network of connections

Nowadays, knowing the right people can help you to get in a position that you were only dreaming of. Of course keeping all other factors in check such as your knowledge, compatibility, flexibility, and so on, you also need to have a good connection if you are serious about getting a nice job. It will be a waste of time going around by yourself to try and find a good network out there, that is why you need to make sure that the DES provider you get has the right connections that you will need after their services.

  • Reputation

It is also important to ask yourself why many people are talking positive/negative things about a given provider. Once you find the answers, they will help you in deciding whether it is worth it to approach a given provider. While looking at the firm’s reputation, we often tend to skip the negative comments and only focus on the positive ones. This is a serious act and it will land you to an indecent provider that you could have easily avoided.

  • Charges

Charges should come at the bottom of your determining factors because they may not be really of help to your problems. The budget is only meant to make you aware of the financial spending and if you have the necessary funds to get the right DES services. Luckily, you may get a provider who will train you absolutely at no cost. Similarly, you may be lucky enough to find a sponsor.

Look for a disability employment service with a difference: one who does not charge as much but can train as you well as other companies.

Why do you need disability employment services?

To conclude this article, you as a person with a disability need to realise that you are also eligible for a good-paying job just like any other person, but you first need to undergo training to help you in preparing for what lies ahead by seeking disability employment services. The DES providers provide a platform for people with disabilities where they can nurture their talents and find nice jobs that can cater to their needs. This is better than sitting at home or begging on the streets.


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