Should Hospitals Invest In Bariatric Medical Beds?

Every hospital is entitled to offer the best medical services to all their patients despite their individual needs. This includes providing patients with a clean environment, reliable medical equipment, the best medications and access to competent doctors. When it comes to the medical equipment that a hospital should invest in, there are a variety of options for the hospital to consider. Among this medical equipment is a hospital bed which is one of the most important medical equipment that every hospital should invest in. Unfortunately, there are so many types of hospital beds that hospitals can invest in depending on the needs of their patients.  For this reason, in case your hospital takes care of patients with bariatric medical issues, you have to make sure that you invest in the right hospital beds for these patients. Bariatric medical beds are the most appropriate hospital beds for these patients since they will meet their needs in different ways.


Are bariatric medical beds different from the standard hospital beds?

Most people think that since they have standard hospital beds, we can use them with the bariatric patients instead of investing in bariatric medical beds. Unfortunately, there is a great difference between the bariatric medical beds and the standard hospital beds which is why it is always advisable for you to use the bariatric medical beds for all your bariatric patients. This is because bariatric medical beds are able to accommodate more weight than the standard beds making the latter unsafe for your patients.

Why Every Hospital Should Consider Investing in Bariatric Medical Beds

The following are the reasons why hospitals should consider investing in bariatric medical beds;

  • Their load capacity is higher

One of the features making bariatric medical beds different from the standard hospital beds is their load capacity.  The bariatric medical beds are capable of offering extra load capacity unlike the standard beds.  This is because the bariatric medical beds are designed to support patients with bariatric problems no matter the amount of weight.  For this reason bariatric patients can lie down on the bariatric beds for several hours without getting afraid that the bed can break down.

  • Bariatric medical beds are wider

When you compare the width of the bariatric medical beds to the width of the standard beds you will realise that the bariatric medical beds are way wider than the standard beds.  This makes them provides bariatric patients with enough space for them to toss and turn on the bed.  Unfortunately, if you standard beds for bariatric patients, you’ll be limiting their movements since the beds are not wide enough.   Also, the fact that the bariatric medical beds are wider ensures that patients can turn safely and comfortably.

  • They allow easy movement

Moving bariatric patients from one place to another can be very challenging for caregivers and medical care practitioners.   Even if they have the ability to get off the bed independently or with your help it is always challenging for the staff to handle obese patients who are using standard hospital bed.  Therefore for easy movements, invest in bariatric medical bed for hospitals.

  • The beds are more comfortable for obese patients

Although hospital beds are comfortable for patients, their level of comfort varies depending on the health conditions of the patients using them.  Unfortunately, standard beds are not comfortable for bariatric patients, especially because they have special mattresses which offer patients extra comfort.



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