How to Find a Good Tattoo Studio

Location, location, location is often the criteria for some people wanting to get a tattoo. While the location of a tattoo studio is important, feeling comfortable is equally crucial.

It is because feeling uncomfortable in a tattoo studio makes tattooing an even more painful experience. Getting the right vibe of a tattoo studio needs some things to consider, including:

Is the studio a referral from family or friends?

Family members and friends are seen as the best sources of referral for almost anything, including tattoo studios. This is especially relevant if the friend or relative sports a great tattoo design and had the best experience having it.

However, it’s smart to research the place after the referral to find out if the studio is also suitable for you. If it’s going to be a first tat, the more research you do on the recommended tattoo studio, the better for you.

Check out online reviews

Checking out online reviews of the tattoo studio is your best recourse if you don’t have referrals from family or friends. Many tattoo shops are various types of social media platforms to establish their reputation. Some of the social media platforms that can help you with your search include:

  • Yelp
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Facebook

Taking time to read the reviews enables you to make a shortlist of tattoo studios showing your preferred style, design, and price. Priceless of all is visiting the shops to get an idea about the place.

Options to look for in your choice of a tattoo shop

Maybe what the tattoo studio looks like may not matter much as long as they and their artists have the right attitude. However, the environment of the shop should be seriously considered.

After all, a tattoo studio that makes you comfortable is always important, considering the seriousness of having a tattoo. A tattoo experience can become a great or disastrous one when you feel out-of-sorts with the studio.

A tattoo studio that is in line with your preferred style is a good choice. It is why it’s always recommended to visit the tattoo studio/s before deciding on the one that works for you.

How to choose the right tattoo studio?

Equally important than the aesthetic or style of the tattoo studio is ensuring that it is sanitary, well-maintained, and clean. Things that you should look closely at while on a visit to a tattoo studio include:

  • Clean and sanitary surroundings
  • Cleanliness and aesthetic quality of floors and walls
  • Well-lighted rooms

The sight of stains and scattered needles in a tattoo shop are red flags that put you at risk if you still go for them.

Check out the equipment of the tattoo studio

A cursory check of the equipment of the tattoo studio can be accomplished as you walk through it. A tattoo studio is considered good and legitimate when it has the following:

  • Sterilised needles
  • Tattoo bed
  • Sterilised gloves and ink
  • Disposable gloves
  • Proud displays of artists’ licenses
  • Proud displays of tattoo studio’s certificates

You get a good feeling about a tattoo studio when you see all the above.

The choice of a tattoo studio is as important as choosing the right tattoo artist. An overall good tattoo experience is enjoyed when you make the right choice. Go to a tattoo studio with top rated artists.

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